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I need to make a muscle suit for a turtle costume. I've searched through all the threads here, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go.

I have sculpted and cast latex legs and arms but I still need to cover my upper thigh and torso. I was originally going to sculpt these, but I want to have good movement so I can actually do ninja moves in the suit. I think a form fitting muscle suit would make much more sense than a latex pull from a sculpt. I bought a giant couch at goodwill for 15 bucks to get the foam out of the cushion, and I bought an olive green zentai suit.

My question though is, my shell has a back pack installed inside that must be covered by the torso. Since my zentai suit is one piece, would a tight fitting shirt be a better option for the muscle suit? At least the top part? I don't know how I'd get it over the straps from the back pack otherwise. Also, any tips for making the muscles look smooth and not rough? What do you sculpt the foam with?

Any help or links to tutorials would be great!


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There was an episode of BFX (a now stopped diy FX webshow) about making a cheap muscle suit. Since you are gonna cover it with laex and paint it it will probably do,
It should be on youtube somwhere. The show was made by indymogul (which does no longer exist but they had a new channel)


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When I make my muscle suits, I do this:
1-cut out a bodysuit, one with arms, going from ankle to neck, twice
2-sew both layers together
3-draw on and then stitch down the major muscle groups
4-attach arms to shoulder area
5-slice a small slit in the middle of the muscles on the underside
6-stuff each muscle through slit
7-handsew each one shut
8-attach zipper
9-sew suit shut 1231537_10152521559415616_517839336_n.jpg .Hope this helps!
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