Muradin's Axe - Heroes of the Storm


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I've started something while waiting on another project and wanted to share it! I'll try to keep this thread updated along with my Facebook page :)


I am sick of waiting on foam to expand/cure for the shield so I've started something to keep me busy!

1. One of my favorite characters. Motivation for Muradin is not hard to find :D

2. I printed a picture of Muradin and worked out a scale for the axe, and then began drawing the blueprint.
3. Construction has begun! So far this project is 99% styrofoam and 1% PVC pipe! I'm happy with progress for a day, and it was super smooth!


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Did a little bit today.

Basic construction here, and this thing is going to be pretty large!

I've learned 2 things today.

1. Apoxie Sculpt doesn't stick to styrofoam well at all. (I got around this by sticking scotch tape to the foam so that the apoxie had something to grab.)

2. Contact cement warps/deforms styrofoam. (This was a test out of curiosity. I've been using spray glue and super glue mainly.)

10689_1732691983623984_1730077488721676996_n.jpg 11000343_1732692026957313_6598851078297771856_o.jpg


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First time ever working with Apoxie Sculpt but it's awesome!

I'm fairly positive I'll be doing the curved bevels on both the front and back blades with this stuff.

I'm not too worried about it being perfectly smooth because bondo will be going over the top so I've simply trimmed it down with a razor blade.



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I forgot about this thread! But I have done a bit more!

I ordered some Worbla to experiment with and it turns out it'll work perfect for this project!

Anyway here are a couple more pictures. I recently got a half sleeve on my right arm so I took a month off to keep it clean and dust free :)

Half Sleeve:


Axe back detail and scale:




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Not much progress but I think I'm done with dust for awhile.. At least until the gesso/wood glue and sanding.

A couple progress pictures:

I chose to use foam for the inside bevel to keep the weight down. Apoxie Sculpt is awesome but not when I need a large amount of it!

Axe as it stands right now(trying to find some motivation to begin cutting the worbla :( ):

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