Muppets Wizard of Oz Prop

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by tk5378, May 21, 2006.

  1. tk5378

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    Well, I got bored this morning...


    Full Version

    Click on the link for the larger version.

    Feel free to re-size and print as you see fit, just please don't let me see my hard work being sold on Ebay.
  2. tk5378

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    Wow...43 views and no one has any comments? I expected at least a little of that famous RPF nit-picking by now...

  3. jedilos

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    thank you for this, i havent seen the movie yet, kids have and they liked it, i just havent had time. but thanks for making this
  4. houdiniguy

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    LOVED the movie, Lotsa fun,
    here is what I have from the film....


    11' feet wide 13' feet tall

    almost 1,000 pounds

    shipping a fortune..

    results amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. bleyd

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    Nice job on the book cover. Nice door.

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