Multiple springs possible for extending staff?


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So I'm trying to make a two piece spring loaded staff that extends to full length. Problem is, is that half the staff is around 26" and extends to 53". But I cant find a long enough spring that will fit in the PVC pipe. So would it be just as good if I use multiple smaller springs like such-
(the red being my PVC pipe, and the green being the pole that will extend out of the pvc)

In theory it seems like it might work, but im no expert.


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I'm sorry but I cant see how the small spring are going to get compressed and released? Well not from one point any way? Could you not just get small springs and have them tig welded together? Have you searched for custom springs surely you can order one at the correct size?


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it looks to me like your going about it backwards. the diagram appears to be using compression springs that are pushing the extension outward when released. what you should use instead is a tension spring mounted to a third shaft that is centered in handle. if that makes sense.

oh sorry for my poor choice of words. I want it to extend outwards when released. I want it to compress when pushed in and extend when released.
so would the height of the three black squares matter? like would i be better off with two long ones rather than three or four short ones? or does it not really matter?


i was thinking something like this
so when the staff is compressed the spring is "stretched" and when some kind of release mechanism is hit the spring returns to rest and forces out the staff limbs
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