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Wow m8, that is one amazing collection, very well organised
As well, really like your thx sign, coincidentally i just finished
Building my own thx sign today, its my first ever build, i
Think it goes well with my surround set up and the wifes
Star wars pieces


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Stunning display, the layout of your home rocks!

So much to look at, if i am ever in Germany, i'm going to have to look you up and spend at least a day oogling all your stuff!!


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Wow! :eek

Very nicely displayed, a nice clean, modern look.

I love that you have so much natural light coming in those rooms!

thanks for sharing!

Kerr Avon

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Very nice setup and lighting! What's that light stand under the Monroe print?

I just don't get the placement of that potted plant at the bottom of the stairs. It looks like you'd trip over it every time coming down or going up the stairs.


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Its from a company here in Germany, the name is Resonanz.

Unfortunately, there is this vendor apparently no longer. The lamp can be dimmed too.

The plant does not interfere there. I'm not so wide;)


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The light is a Osram Dot it: osram dot it

In the USA is the company Sylvania
Are those the battery operated push lights?
Do you have to go round and switch them on one by one? must take you ages, but the effect is definitely worth it!

I have LV spots all wired back to two remote controlled wall sockets. All i have to do is press one button on my remote control and bang all lights on!

I bought the remote sockets, remote dimmer switch (for the main ceiling lights) and remote control all fairly reasonably from our DIY warehouse, B&Q, its a great low cost solution to control your lighting.