MR Qui Gon LE Pix


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I've got to say that I am very excited about receiving this one. For the longest time I thought it was too simple a design but it is very cool. Mine hits the mail in the next few days.

Maybe in time I'll change my mind about the Vader ROTS LE. :eek:


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Looks nice.

I almost thought that was the MR watermark on the photos. Then I saw the reflection in the display stand in the lower photo and realized that your friend used the black MR box sleeve as a backdrop for the pics.

Thanks for posting these. :)


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Is the sleeve chromed? It does not look like it.
I don't think so. I didn't think MR used many chromed pieces in any of their sabers. Usually it's just polished or buffed aluminum and in the EE line stainless steel.

cayman shen

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God I hope the CE looks half that nice. Ditto, rudolpht, this looks way better than I expected. The initial prototype shots looked blah for some reason, but the finished product--bravo.


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The MR seems to match the Hero saber I saw at the AoSW exhibit in Edinburgh pretty well...can't fault it on anything really.


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I think MR's Qui is modeled from this??

PS: I forgot this photo belongs to whom, so if there is any problem of using it, please let me know.


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The comparisons are of a 1st gen resin casting off an original Qui-Gon (stunt) saber from TPM compared to the MR. I know next to nothing about sabers but am interested if there were variations of the Qui-Gon...


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That's my photo problem using it here, please credit me elsewhere. :) I have a bunch more that I took as well.

The only real variations on this saber was that the black ring under the button was sometimes silver.

To be honest, the pics of the all resin saber that Sithlord posted look like the resin saber that I produced a few years ago, it's not an original saber at all. I'm almost 100% certain thats mine...I'll dig out my pics of the hero that I took and post them for comparison.