MR After market value site?

Tol Skorr

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Adding my sabers to the insurance and need a guide (of sorts) to their current value. There was a site. What's the addy, name or of any other info would be nifty.
I know what their worth to me but insurance wont take my word for it.


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I'm sure you've checked into this - but just thought I'd mention it in case. Most home contents insurances will offer little, if any, cover for collectibles. It's worth checking with them what you would actually get in the case of loss - they may not volunteer this info readily, particularly if you're paying extra to add them to your insurance but would get little or nothing if you actually made a claim.


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That's a neat site. Thanks for the link.

I just had a buddy of mine do this and his ins company accepted completed Ebay auctions...but told him that he needed the average of 3 per piece