MPP and Heiland Straight Knurled Thumb Screw Comparison

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I just acquired a vintage Heiland flash for the bulb socket and was pleasantly surprised to find 2 thumb screws on it. To my eye they seem extremely close, if not identical, to vintage MPP thumb screws. Does anyone have pictures they could share of their MPP thumb screw?

The dimensions of the Heiland thumb screw goes as follows-

Height - 14mm

Knurl Diameter - 9.5mm

Knurl Height - 3mm

Base Diameter - 7.8mm

Base Height - .7mm

Top Knurl and Base Concave Distance- 3mm

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Shorter shoulder and more bold knurling on the MPP. I heard that MPP came after Heiland in America, and that the tubes are thinner on MPPs

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