MPC Snowspeeder Decals

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by SGluedMyFingers, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. SGluedMyFingers

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    Does anyone have a sheet of the old MPC snowspeeder decals that they can spare (for a reasonable price, of course) OR does anyone mind emailing me a hi-res scan of that decal sheet. I have two of the new AMT repops and they don't have the complete decal sheet - bummer.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Dedalus5550

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    Just gonna say, yeah, bummer they weren't included. I have no idea how accurate they were, but looked cool as the proverbial heck, and then not included? You kiddin' me? A few years ago, I built one of the AMT kits and custom "built" those markings with random bits of other decals.

    On the same note, does anyone know how accurate those markings are?
    Mike Todd
  3. flimzy

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    snow speeder decals 2.jpg couldn't load them at a higher resolution sorry. I forgot I had these.

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  4. Mike J.

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    Huh, those are labeled reasonably well.... Usually they just give you numbers and a diagram.

    They seem pretty accurate for the time period. They're not made up. Attached are some pics of the real miniatures. The decals appear to be based on the gray speeder and not the orange speeder.


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  5. SGluedMyFingers

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    Dedalus5550: The re-pops only have the yellow/red warning symbols. Yeah, bummer.

    flimsy: Thanks for those! The will do if they must. If you have a higher res scan, maybe you could email them to me?

    Mike J.: What throws me is the black writing. It looks red on both to me. But I'm pretty color blind. I certainly think the model will look awfully bare with just what was provided.

    Thanks for the responses, guys!
  6. AZSneed

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    flimzy, thanks for the decal sheet.

    Mike, thanks for the real model shots, perfect reference material.

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