Mortal Kombat 2 Scorpion costume

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I've wanted a Scorpion costume for a long time, and now I finally have one.



I investigated the pros and cons of buying a premade costume (extreme accuracy, high cost) and making it myself (inaccurate, but cheaper), so, in the end, I compromised with a hybrid approach.

The most important part, for which I would not accept any kind of compromise, was the yellow tabard. That, and the wrist bracers for which I could not find a suitable substitute, I got custom made from ShopCosplayCostume, on Etsy. They are absolutely amazing.

For the rest, I did the same thing Midway did when they were making MK2: I repurposed various pieces of sports equipment.
  • The boots are Wacoku tabi boots, used in McDojos that purport to teach ninjutsu.
  • The leg guards are Schutt catcher leg guards (the name of the model was coincidentally "Scorpion"), which were originally orange and I spray-painted yellow. I covered the Schutt logo with black silicone.
  • The mask is the lower half of an airsoft full face mask, which I spray-painted yellow.
  • The hood is an airsoft balaclava.
The rest of the costume consists of a pair of cotton thermal long johns and a high-neck thin polyester sweater, which I bought at a local store.
The sword is a 440 stainless steel wallhanger I won at a carnival in 2006. It looks cool, but I suspect that if I tried to use it to chop a watermelon, the watermelon would win and a piece of blade would fly into my neck, so back on the wall it goes.

So it may not be 100% game accurate (the ninjas wore long sleeves in the 1995 movie anyway), but I love it.


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Dude! That turned out amazing! I tried years ago to make a Scorpion cosplay based on the 1995 movie and it was no wear near this good. Great job!

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