SCORPION costume WIP from Mortal Kombat 2021

kristen jones

Master Member
Here's a quick look at our WIP of this amazing costume. There will be more to add as we finish and photograph it, but we're busy finishing it up for Motor Citry Comic Con this weekend.

The immensely talented Hiroyuki Sanada in the screen used costume on the left, and our version (so far) on the right.

there should be some updates after this weekend. It's now finished, and it'll debut at Motor City Comic Con on Saturday. I'll be sure to post back any pics we gather of it so the other parts of it can be shown.
It's a brownish/yellow ink that was applied over chrome.

Copic E55 light caramel or Blick brand in caramel (not sure which one he used, but it was one of those.

It also requires automotive clear coat to work.
the pieces first had to be primed, then coated with flat black primer, then the Alumalustre or Duralumen. Then, you MUST seal it with automotive clear coat BEFORE applying the Copic or Blick inks over top. If you don't, it won't work. The inks are quite transparent, so depending how much you apply, the effect is more or less dramatic.

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