moonbase interceptor

Re: moonbase intercepter

it is scratch built i have molded all the parts for future casting im going to do 3 for myself in flying formation its 19 inches long i will be putting the decals on this sunday
Re: moonbase intercepter

Always good to see a Gerry Anderson build, especially UFO.
I've also got that Japanese manual, great reference.
Whats are you using for the leg/skis?
Re: moonbase intercepter

Hi Steve! Glad to see you over here at the RPF!!
I need to get back to my Mobile & Interceptor builds!! LOVE your stuff!
Cheers, Jeff
Re: moonbase intercepter

i was going to do the skids in brass but in order to keep the price down im doing them in resin ,i will do them in brass for special orders
Re: moonbase intercepter

thanks for the compliment jeff i try to get as close to the original as possible if im not happy with it then the customer should not be happy with it
I just got an old kit of this, if you have finished your studio scale build please post some pics of it. The build looks great so far.
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