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I have to agree that the secondary market is pretty rough. I have tried to sell a couple from my collection and I just can’t move them. And, no, I am not looking to make a profit or even break even. I am listing them way under what I paid. Heck, I have a Printers/artist proof Avengers one listed here in the Junk Yard and I dropped the price by about 50% of what I paid, but still nobody wants it. This market seems like the comic books of the 90’s... only going to be worth the price of the paper.
It's like any art or collectible, the really good ones sell quickly and command premiums on the secondary market, the majority have a hard time recovering the initial expense. The trick, as it is with everything else, is figuring out which ones are the really good ones.

I rarely buy with the expectation of reselling them at a later date for big money. I am after the things that I love and the art that captures them. I have also been focusing on a few artists, Sara Deck is my #1 favorite and I can't get enough of her art. So far I have done very well with her stuff as values go, however, as I said I'm not looking to sell.

The Artwork of Sara Deck