Molotov Cocktease and Robodanger

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by bodanger, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Just thought I'd share my robot costume and my GFs molotov cockteas costume.

    The helmet is a hasbro clone trooper that was on clearance for 10 bucks with bondo some pvc thingies for eyes, plexiglass lenses and a voice changer wired to a row or LEDs in the mouth so when you talk the mouth lights up. The armor is a mix matach of thrift store odds and ends and a trash can.

    Its suppose to be kind of a iron giant, rocketeer, clone trooper, unit 3000-21, IG-87

    The original idea was kind of what if the reason why IG-87 didn't join the IG-88s is because he didn't want to take over the galaxy, he just wanted to party.

    I know its not on the level of what alot of you guys do but it was fun.
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    Dude, I have those same Nitrile gloves! lol
  3. terryr

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    She looks just like a Cocktease.


    I meant, I bet people tell her she's a born Cocktease.


    I meant, she looks just like that chick.

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