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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jas070680, Aug 17, 2015.

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    I'm seeking out suggestions. Attached are some pictures of my first mold ( be gentle). What is being shown here is the A side of the mold and the 3D printed part I am using as the plug. Although this is for a product sample and not a prop I figured you guys could help. I hope to carry the knowledge over to prop building later.My question is in regard to the gate. I know I need to position it in a place where I can allow the air to escape. I was going to cut these in. I know it may require vents, but I am racking my brain on the best position. My initial thought is to place the gate in the split line and orientate the part vertically... Thoughts? IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0596.JPG IMG_0590.JPG IMG_0588.JPG
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    It is a little hard to make out what the end result is going to be. If we had an example or a little more description that may help.

    As son as a plug is mentioned I think of this type of mold and it dose not require any venting. ------->

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