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I was on his YouTube looking at some of his mummy prop videos and wow! I must say that's insane! Does anyone know how to contact him? I would LOVE to see some hi res pictures of his props. Those things are insane! Is he a member on here? And for all of you thinking what I think your thinking... No, this is not so I can ask him for his book of Amun ra. Haha


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Oh, for crying out loud.

Its a public forum.

So you can see my pms? Other than that I don't recall ever talking to him.

Edit: sorry didn't see that last part of the post. But still I don't think you should be having such and attitude with me when the only time I ever even talked to you was when I asked you about the functional mummy key.
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All polar bears are left-handed. Fact.

REALLY? let me show you exhibit A :


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Hey guys, cut it out and the kid some slack. He got the information that he was after, maybe Imhotep72 can chime in as well about the video.

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Lol funny thread, can i join? because i don't think he can make other pictures or vidéos XD i have bought a huge part of his Mummy collection (key, imhotep wrap, swords...).
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