Modelling ornithopter from Dune 2021 - build log


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Day 36​

Started on the backside landing legs. Foot left to do. I am excited for the ramp to be complete soon. The next step will be wings. can't wait.

Happy new year everyone!


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Awesome work. I loved this harkening back to the ornithopter design from dune 1. A lot of design prompts seem to be callbacks, like the cockroach style harkonnen harvesters and the dune 1/2 style atredies harvesters. Also the pan up to the harkonnen stronghold which looked inspired by the geiger design in the Jodorowsky documentary.
images (3).jpeg


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Day 40​

I forgot about two more details that I didn't do on outside. Handrail on the tail and the box that most likely there to hold the ramp when it's up and closed shut.

Also, here is a rendering of a hole thing by end of yesterday:

And here is a full thing with the latest details:

I've started on preparing flying variations of all the parts. I will report back on that tomorrow.


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Sometimes I wonder how far can this beauty be detailed further...
(From a scale modellers point of view...)
As far as I can find details as long as they are not smaller than what my resin printer can do =) The other question is - how will one access inside to paint and such. I will bother with this question later. Most likely make the main body modular, so you can remove some type of "cover" and access/see inside.
Wow...with the inside also(y)(y)
of course =) Why not. I guess characters is what I will not be able to do


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I'm struggling with the same "interior" task with my Trident Assault Craft design. I try to model each part as I would like to get them out of a Bandai box. Including alternative- and moveable parts, lighting and displaying options. Not easy.

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