MMPR Morpher question

Harry Bardwell

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Ok, for you guys out there with the original toy morphers I was wondering if you could give me a few simple measurements.


I know the design is a little more complex than my crude drawings, what with the curves of the morpher and all, but if you would measure to the widest points of the main body that would be great :D. Also if you didn't mind could you take pics of it straight on from the top bottom front, back and the sides, but if not thats cool too. As you can tell I'm attempting to work up a template of the thing, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Top to bottom, 6.5 centimeters, left to right, I'm getting about 9.2, but with the curve, you know, iffy. And the thickness is about 2.3 cm. My advice is google around for a straight on image of one, cut and crop it, and then resize the image to those proportions and make your template from that. What exactly is your project?
Thanks dude that's a great help :). I've always wanted a morpher, sadly never had one, so I've decided to make one...sorta. My basic plan is to carve a buck based of the measurements and templates and vacuform it, paint it sliver and black, and print off stickers of the power coin, PR writing around the coin and the bolts. I'll then add it to a belt buckle, bam, one decent looking morpher to wear around(you know for funsies). If it turns out well I'll probably so a second one where I will separate the morpher plates so the line going through it will be real, add a real power coin and some repolabels on it for maximum accuracy and attach it to a belt buckle. Also I have found what i think will be a good straight on image of the front, and I guess I don't need the back, but the sides are eluding me quite well, which was why I turned here for help :/. Thanks again for the measurements :).
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