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Well, I just couldn't wait to at least throw a few bones out there on this beauty. I'm in the progress of dirtying her up, but thought I'd share some of her clean shots in the interim. Below are just a few shots of this terrific model. I just finished test fitting the canopy 'glass', and it came out great. They'll go on after all the weathering is done. I detailed up the engines and added the 'upper' DRADIS display, made the graphics myself. Note also I put the Yellow 'Phoenix' emblems on the wings (Thanks JT Graphics.), and I had the "Primus" decal made a bit larger too, the stock one was too small for me. You'll also notice on the Pilot (in the cockpit, not by herself) I added her "patches" on the shoulders, VIPER on the right, and BSG emblem on the left. I'll be putting some of the in progress pics of the buildup and a more thorough review, but that's a few weeks away. I have a few other projects I'm also working on.
Well, ENJOY, and for MORE PICS, feel free to visit my Viper Construction Site:



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Beautiful job. :thumbsup

The engine plumbing detail and cockpit are awesome.

Great job


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Nice. Makes me really itchy to get started on my kit. There just isn't enough hours in the day... :unsure

- J.

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You still up for building one for me Sean? It is still sittin pretty in it's box and my normal buildup guy is still working on my CC Xwing. It wouldn't have to be immediate since I have too many commissions out right now,..but seeing your work on this MKII....I mean.....DUUUUUUUUUUDE. That's what I am talking about.

Nicely done.