MK9 Noob Costume WIP

Man, I didn't know how great this was going to look when I opened the thread. Excellent work. Great, great use of all the materials. The hood/mask look excellent. Hopefully my subzero stuff shows up today so you'll have a brother-in-arms!
Thanks PepMaster (nin)... its actually turning out better than I expected, lol.

JawaFive... awesome! Looking forward to seeing it.

Thanks SMOKE (quake)!

Thanks BobbyS95!
Thanks Sakin & Donberto17!

I admit I've been really slacking on this project. This past week I've been taking my sweet time making the buckles for the vest (and focusing more on MK Smoke's maks). Again I went with the hot glue method. Unfortunately the bottle of silicone mix that I used from making the spikes went bad and I still pushed to make the mold for the buckles. From the results of the pulls (from the mold) there were many air bubbles that resided in the mold itself. Ehh... I guess it gives the buckles a little more texture. Hell... if need be when I get some more silicone to make any molds I'll redo the buckles.

Overall they look way better than the original foam buckles that I was going to use, lol.
Thanks to those with comments. I apologize for not responding soon, lol.

Ahh... this thread is so... old and dead. Sorry for resurrecting it, but I'm attending NYCC 2012 and I've pulled out this dusted up project to give it a finish and maybe some updates.

To do list:
Affix the tabbards (possible update the foam accents to plastic)
Cast Mask
Make/finish the hood
Maybe redo the faux chest buckles
Check the leather straps to make sure they didn't shrink (or that I didn't grow, lol)

I've started by making the mold for the mask, so I don't have to ruin the original one:
Started today by filling in a couple of troubled spots on the silicone mold and finished off with making the inner rigid support shell using Smooth-On's Plasti-Paste.

Hopefully I can get the outer section finished over night.
Finished the outer shell in one run and started to test the casts. There were some crimping and leaking issues with the silicone mold due to the outer shells. Currently attempting a second pull without the use of the inner shell.

Separating the two silicone halves was scary as I felt the exacto blade scrape into the original, lol. Not a problem... a little touching saves the day.
Not the first, or second, but the third pull. I had to make some modifications to the mold after the 2nd pull.

I spent too much time on the mask. I need to start working on the hood and the other things tomorrow. I have to speed things up... :facepalm
Started sewing up the hood (sorry no pics yet). Since an exacto blade wouldn't cut it... I had to take a dremel to the masks to cut out the vent holes and aligned some light metal contour mesh. Just waiting for the putty to set and it'll get another round of light sanding, then priming!
Redoing the faux buckles. The old ones resulted in pock marks from a bad mold. Hopefully these will be better!

Was thinking about replacing the current foam accents on the belt and tabbards with some more three dimensional ones. Sculpted them out with air drying clay last night and I'll have to cast a mold for them. Now that I'm looking at it I may not redo the belt section.

Test fit... using magnets to secure the mask.
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Old buckles (left) and the new buckles (right). I used Smooth-On's 'Smooth Cast' to make the buckles instead of hot glue (sticks). I heated them up to give them a slight contoured shape.

Painted replica (left) and original (right). I used a different paint on the replica than from the original. Yea... I got lazy and didn't remove the silicone bits from the original yet, lol.

Affixed buckles with hot glue and some thread. The shoulders were not attached in this pic. The vest is laying on the table thus the malformed shape.

I wanted to redo the belt, but that will have to wait till next time.
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