Mk 4 HEV Suit re-fitted!

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    So i started on an HEV suit a while ago and came a crossed the issue most people have when building this suit. When the model was ripped from the game and covered to Pep (By Nugget and/or Null.exe) the suits scaling and dimensions were a bit off. (Primarily parts were to big around, and not tall enough, so when scaled up to fit the length needed, the part had about 4 inch gap between you and it.

    Now not to knock the work the two guys did putting it together, it seems to be the most complete HEV pep files out and about right now and a lot of people have gotten a lot of use from it.

    But as a guy who dabbled in 3D modeling and really wanting this suit to fit well, im tweaking the files in 3ds Max and re-scaling them one dimension at a time, based on the Mark 4 armor, so that it fits a bit better. I will be posting images of my work later today, just wanted to get the word out that someone is working on this, I know some people have really wanted to see this armor tidied up a bit, so im going to do my best to make it happen and share it with you guys.

    Wish me luck!
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    So here are some images of how im doing this is anyone is interested.


    Tonight I wanted to tackle the bracer part of the suit, Ive always loves bracers.

    Here is the bracer re-loaded into Autodesk 3Ds Max un-modified.
    right arm in 3ds, unmoded..png

    Creating a cylinder that would resemble my arm, I edited the mesh of the object to stretch and squish the shape, without distorting the basic shape and design of the piece.
    Arm Thing.png

    Using this as a form I could re-size various bits so that it would fit snuggly. Now I know this isnt an accurate representation of my skinny arm, just enough to get the scale right and know things would clear parts of me like my wrist and inner elbow when my arm was bent.

    Takes about 5 minutes, then exported back into Pepakura for unfolding. Heres a comparison of the original piece(Left), and mine(Right). There isnt much difference, but you can see the new part isnt as sloped towards the wrist and open at the elbow, more like my arm.

    Ill get this piece asembled and post of pics of the new parts on me compared to ones I already built.

    Thanks guys, hope someone is getting something out of this,
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    good show! I hope to be seeing more of this build! in fact I demand to see more of it ;)

    Doing the same build, I personally went in and re-modelled the bits I didn't like, from scratch, came out with in my opinion a nicer touch (at least more personal if nothing else)
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    Always great to see some love for the HEV suit! :)

    As my suit is finished (for now) but I am not really satisfied with several aspects of it, I'll be watching this thread of yours closely as it might inspire me to rebuild some or all of my suit! :)
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    Its really nothing to hold your breath for, its my first build, and it isnt going well. Main area of focus is the torso, and its warped, un-symmetrical, and ive got a million other thing on my plate with work and a move. So updates are slow and nothing to be astonished with, sorry guys.

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