half life

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  1. Kiwimaddog

    HL:Alyx Combine Suppressor buildthread[CAD & 3D-print][FINISHED]

    So it's been a while but I though I should document my latest helmet-build here. This time it's the Combine Suppressor aka Overwatch that I decided to make. I've based my build on an extracted mesh from the game and built my helmet around that. I spent maybe 6months on and off working on the...
  2. Kobeque

    Half-Life: Alyx- From here to there in under a second by Dr. Isaac Kleiner

    This is a recreation of a book that can be found in Half-Life: Alyx, titled "From here to there in under a second" by Dr. Isaac Kleiner. I really liked the design of this cover so I recreated it in illustrator using the in-game textures as reference. I laid out this image to fit an old book that...
  3. TimDRX

    3D printed Half Life: Alyx pistol

    Hey all, currently 3D printing this lovely looking weapon from HL: Alyx. I've only ever previously printed and painted stuff, so I'm looking to develop some new skills with this build. I really want to work some electronics in, but have no idea where to start! The model has the pistol's grip...
  4. Utri

    Half-Life 2 Metrocop, been planning this one. [PIC HEAVY]

    Hey all, short introduction. I've always wanted to do a Metrocop build. Been a dream build of mine for a few years. I periodically check here for any new builds, most recent being made by since banned member msleeper. It was a decent build, no doubt. I have pored over the various builds. There...
  5. jkno

    Half-Life Crowbar

    Gordon Freeman's iconic crowbar from Half-Life finally finished. Headcrab zombies here we come! :)
  6. L

    Questions on materials and advice for a newcomer

    Evening! So, I'm somewhat new to prop-making (made an old Mando I never finished) but I'm looking to start a few projects in the coming months, hopefully, depending on moving and other fun life things depending on job.. anyway. Guts from Berserk 2nd is Gordon's HEV suit from Half Life 2...
  7. Seraph77

    Half Life 2- Dog

    For my next overambitious and extremely time-consuming project, I will be making Dog from Half Life 2. I would love to build a full-scale Dog, but due to lack of space and practical reasons I will be scaling him to my size with my head located in the chest portion. I couldn’t find very many...
  8. gnomKOLIN

    Gordon Freeman's H.E.V. mark 5 costume build

    Hello! My english in not pefect so I wont talk much ;-) Lets begin! First I made 3d models and pep files for vacum forming templates Resin, fiberglass, gypsum Templates are done! Now, lets form! Full armor kit
  9. TMBountyHunter

    WIP: Half-Life 2 - Combine Elite

    So this got started 4 years ago. There is a local con at the end of May and every time I try to rush something last minute and fail. The 2012 failure was the Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier from Half-Life 2. This was the first time that I decided I'd work from Pepakura so I went ahead and bought...
  10. N

    HL2 Metro-cop outfit WIP (need help)

    I'm going to make a full suit and i've already made a pep out of cardstock. I have these lenses that you get when you get your eyes are dilated i'm going to put in at the end. Im moving my way towards resining it. I heard bondo smells weird, so i'm thinking about using just epoxy resin and fiber...
  11. mrcarkeys42

    Half-Life Crowbar

    The Half-Life crowbar is probably my favorite weapon in any video game, or at least the most iconic to me. I have seen several replicas online which inspired me to do this, and while all good they weren't exactly accurate, or at least as accurate as you can get within reason (i will post a few...
  12. T

    [HELP] Need a pepakura file for the Civil protection mask

    Hi guys! I'm currently working on my first project, a Civil Protection costume, which i expect to be ready for Gamescom 2016. The first thing i really need is to get my hands on a Civil protection pep file, so i can try for the first time using fiberglass. If any of you have the pepakura file, i...
  13. ThePropBox

    HALF-LIFE 2 - Gravity Gun - Realistic Replica - 18.12. - VALVE HIT ME UP!

    Hello everyone! :) May I introduce myself as Mario, a 26-year old hobby artist located in Austria. I’ve been a reader on this amazing forum for almost 4 years but never took the time to actually register or showcase my stuff here; shame on me! Over the last eight years I have been quite active...
  14. Hoplitespear

    Half life 2 - HEV Suit. (pic heavy) - Carry on med-kit! 31/7

    -->Just want pictures (just scroll on trough :D) Hey RPF, About two years ago after a visit to gamescom i knew i wanted to cosplay the year after. So i got home, started researching and came across the RPF. Learned about EVA foam. Got me some floor mats and started a HEV suit from half life...
  15. M

    HL2 Civil Protection Mask Pepakura

    Hello, I'm trying to make a civil protection mask, but can't seem to find the Pepakura file anywhere. Do any of you all have one, and if so, could you share it with me? Thanks. EDIT: oops. I didn't see the pepakura question thread until too late, I reposted there. Please delete.
  16. Tinman

    Mk 4 HEV Suit re-fitted!

    So i started on an HEV suit a while ago and came a crossed the issue most people have when building this suit. When the model was ripped from the game and covered to Pep (By Nugget and/or Null.exe) the suits scaling and dimensions were a bit off. (Primarily parts were to big around, and not tall...
  17. Tinman

    Tips for fixing a warped bit of armor?

    So it happened during Fiberglassing, the front half of my torso warped slightly, giving a slight curve. Has anyone found a way to fix this once its happened for has my torso been permanently screwed? I had it set up and braced while it set but the brace fell out and it settled as the...
  18. Tinman

    Splitting a Torso in half.

    Im well into a build for Gordon Freemans HEV suit, and I was wondering what the general thoughts were for cutting into two halves. I plan on building the back as a sort of backpack that i will wear and tighten down, then clip the front on with old HDD magnets. Point is, how do you guys decide...
  19. ApophisV

    Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman! - Apo's HEV suit build

    Hey all, after christmas and with a lot of free time on my hands I started my new costume build: Gordon Freeman's HEV suit from Half-Life 2. I'm going to wear it on my birthday party (theme of the party is "video gaming") later this month and it will be my carnival costume (end of february)...
  20. Rubber Slug

    Half Life 2 civil protection WIP build - starting the uniform (Page 6)

    So far I'm primarily working on the helmet. I decompiled the in-game model and edited it to make it more suitable for making and wearing, then made a pep file from that. I put together the pep, resined it, glassed it, put rondo on the inside and smoothed out the outside with bondo (and ended up...

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