MJ Viper Paint Markings Templates

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Watson, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Did the wing markings for the X-Wing and now I have done a set for the TOS Viper available from Jestefarean. These are to scale and I have cut them out and tested them for fit.

    Some trimming will need to be done around the surface greeblies on the wings and engines but these should greatly reduce your masking time if you choose to paint as opposed to using decals.

    The markings in this template are for the wings upper and lower, the cubes for the engines and the dorsal wing markers.

    Again, I hope these help you out and I don't care who uses them or how but please give me credit if you do.


    PSD Template:

    JPG Template:

    Here is a scaled down sample of what they look like:
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    Thanks, I was going to be starting my viper here in a couple weeks.

    Thanks for sharing,


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