Mini G recasts on Ebay


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Dude. I watched your progress thread when you were doing up this little beauty, and this guy sucks..

You know, I read a similar thread to this one over on starshipmodeler, and most peoples' attitude was "oh well, it's bound to happen. . . la-dee-dah". WTF??

You did a tremendous job on the G. Hope he falls off the edge of the Earth or something.


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There's not much to do but complain to Ebay. I already sent the seller about it. Actually the Starship Modeler guys stepped up to bat for me. They started a whole thread about it and that is how I found out. The people that are being hurt the most are Alliance Models and Federation Models. The bogus kits are cutting into thier sales.

Who knows how well the third generation copies are being cast?


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Oh, so the recaster had bought one from Alliance or FedModels? I didn't know that. Maybe there was more added to that starshipmodeler thread since I first read it.
Either way, it sucks.


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I got a response from the Ebay seller;

"Thank you for email me I was told by many people about this item and I have been canceling bids on it because it is not real original artwork

If I knew that in the beginning I would not list auction.

Just to let you know I am sorry and I wish I could have corrected this earlier but know now problem is corrected.

I email my supplier who live in Hong Kong to explain me why he sold me such item I was thinking item was real model.

I will not list more of this item

谢谢您的来信,希望我的ebay能满足您的需要。请关注即将ebay (US & China )拍卖的中国工艺品及丝绸.

Thank you for your email, I hope this is helpful. please see my upcoming auction for Chinese silk,artwork and home decorations on ebay (US) and ebay(China)


So if he follows through then all is well.


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The link to the seller's listed items is coming up "0 items". Looks like they actually pulled the listings :thumbsup
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