MIND BLOWN! Wireless induction LED lighting....


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I came across this on a Gunpla Reddit post. People are now making wireless induction powered LED lights. No wiring necessary and I bet you could even integrate a microcontroller for flashing effects if you were technically inclined. I've been wracking my brain on how to light the magnetically attached command and passenger modules for my 11" Eagle Transporter and this could be exactly the ticket. The only down side is they may not work in extremely tight spaces since there needs to be room for the small induction coil integrated into the light, but I think that's a minor issue.

This is just one link on Amazon, but I see options on Aliexpress and other sites.

I have a few of these i keep near a wireless charger for fun lol. They're very cool but have to be pretty close to the coils for full power and if not the right voltage, they'll just blink.
These pop up every now and then - there are a lot of caveats to their operation and are not the silver bullet everyone wants in most cases. But they do have some uses.

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