Men in Black International Props (MIB 4)

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Speaking of which, Hamilton has put out a new ad for their Hamilton Ventura watches in Men in Black International. I've also been seeing the MIB ads at watch stores in various shopping malls. Pretty cool. Reminds me of the original MIB release when they were really promoting the MIB sunglasses and watches.

Notice the "* Featured in Men in Black I (1997), III (2012) & IV (2019). Worn by Agent J, K & M, played by Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones & Tessa Thompson. " annotation at the bottom. I like it.



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Spotted this on Instagram. Looks like it was a handout for Japanese moviegoers. I wonder if it could be modded? There's a few on eBay under $20.


Looks like Rubies is making MIB costumes. While the costumes are the generic cheap stuff, the Neuralyzer looks does pretty good.
And the Agent Gun peaks my interest, I hope it's a decent size and not kids sized.
MIB Rubies Costumes.png

Edit: Found the Agent Gun, its going to be inflatable :( I sure hope the Neuralyzer looks as good as it does in the pictures.
Rubies MIB Props.jpg
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