Measurements posted of models from The Magic of the Myth


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Using 3 laser pointers that were secured parallel to each other at fixed distances apart, I was able to take measurements of props and costumes through the glass at last years Star Wars "Magic of the Myth" exhibit. Halloween is over with and things calmed down a bit for me so I sat down and screencaped the 1 hour of video footage that I took.

Click on over and answer some measurement questions you've had all these years about the models: Bwing, Tie Bomber, Tie Interceptor and Slave 1. I have a couple picts of Ani's Pod Racer and the ANH Escape Pod, but not a whole lot. I'll do better next time.




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And my force pike remains the most accurate in measurements! Ha! In your face imagined questioners of things that are measured from cardboard standees!

This is pretty cool and a very innovative idea. Good work.
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