Mark 17 - Heartbreaker Helmet - Blender file


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I made the Mark 17 helmet in Blender because I didn' found one which I'm happy with.

Can anyone please optimize and convert it for pepakura? Thanks!!!


I offer the file for free for this nice community. So please don't sell it.


Download the file here:
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Thank you so much. Will post an update of the 3d modell tonight too. I updated the look a little bit and when I'm finished it should be 3d printable (Will test compatibility of files with an online printservice). Nice thing about blender is that you can export directly to .stl. If there is someone with a 3d printer near/in germany who can print me a 1:3 modell of it(~57mm ×100 mm x 100 mm) please send me a PM.

best regards


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Well, here is a an image of the updated model. There are parts I'm not happy with so I will try to fix them but this is my first 3d-model and it will take some time :D


Here you can download the blend-file:

Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to scale the helmet to fit your purpose and adjust the thickness of the parts. For these I have not applied the Mirror and SubD-modifier so you can do with the file whatever you want. :D
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Hey Modular, Could you post an STL version of this? I don't have (nor know how to use Blender)?

Thanks! It looks great.
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