making armor seamless??? Ideas needed.

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I have a set of ABS clone armor. I have all the pieces put together. I want to give it a seamless look. If I had been thinking way ahead I would have done what ANH TK's did with strips of ABS or styrene only put them on the inside. Too late for that. Is there other options besides bondo or fiberglass on the outside. I hope for something that can flex. I wonder about bondo because I live in Missouri and the weather changes so much. Any ideas????


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I was going to say Bondo. Perhaps try a marine epoxy. I've heard there are good results with it, that offer some flexibility.

My method involves using Bondo to fill the seam, sand, wet sand, prime, wet sand, repeat if necessary to fill any remaining gaps, etc. Then lastly, paint white (assuming it's a white Clone), then lacquer. It's a PITA, no doubt, but the finished results look great.


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Bondo is used for filling dents in cars, not really a flexible material. What you may want to use is either marine RTV or bathtub caulk. Both will offer flexibility and some rigidity. if you smooth them out before they dry, you'll have very few problems. Prime and paint to match your top coat and you should be golden.


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Cool. Thanks. Is marine RTV avaliable at Home Depot or Lowe's or is it found mainly at Boating stores????


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Originally posted by rigormortis@Feb 16 2006, 03:41 PM
Fiberglass jelly resin and fiberglass sheet.  Flexible, clean after sanding (but wear a mask).
I would add a respirator is more appropriate. The one I use cost over $40. Polyester resin is down right deadly, and the fumes it lets off as it cures are equally as harmful. Be very careful when working with Fiberglass. Also where a respirator when sanding.

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2 part epoxy putty works well.
Some of the hardware stores even carry some made for ABS.
I use the stuff that comes in small tubes and looks like a roll of white clay with a purple core that I get at Lowes.

Once cured it can be sanded to a glass smooth surface.
Just don't get the stuff for boats, it stays rubbery and will peal off. :cry