Making a large solid resin cube: how to?

Docking Bay 93

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I have a project coming up that may require large-ish (around 12-20" cubed), solid resin cubes.

I don't have too much experience with resin, except what I've read over the years here. I mostly don't know what resin would be best to use if I want the least mess, but would still like it pretty clear. I think I can make a simple mold with coated plywood...bolt it together, then un-bolt when it's cured, right? Would this much resin get too hot?

Any tips would be appreciated.



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No, you cant use plywood. Resin will act like glue.

First of all you want clear castings?

If so then you need a clear resin that you can cast in large chuncks. Most clear resins must be cured in thin layers. Check with and for clears you can pour thick.

Clear resin is expensive. 20"x20" is a few gallons. Your probably talking about $250.00 per cube. Thats $5,000.00

Is this supposed to simulate Ice?

If so then make it hollow and fill it with water if you need the proper refraction. I would make a master pattern out of either clay, or out of plexiglass, then make a mold of it with something like platinum silicon. Then pour 1 side at a time about 1/4" thick untill you have a full 6 sided cube.

I am just running on speculation here. I gues you need to let us know what your making.


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im not exactly the best/brightest casting person in the world, but from what i understand, it may be easier for you (and a hell of a lot cheaper) to go with plexiglass and just make the cubes.

clear resin is pretty $$$$.

as far as getting too hot, i doubt it would. paper burns at 451 degrees iirc, i cant imagine resin getting hot enough to boil water, much less scorch plywood.

good luck with whatever your project is though. sounds like its gonna be a big one :)


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From working with resin, I know that a large amount "kicking" can get really hot. Something really thick might crack from the heat.

Also, keep in mind that something that large will be very heavy, and very expensive. That's at LEAST a couple of gallons of resin, if the box is only 12"cubed.

Clear resin is a different beast. I haven't personallly used any, but from my reading there are a few things to keep in mind:

Many clear resins require "setting" under heat or pressure to make them actually complete the set without remaining sticky, and the pressure compresses the air-bubbles until you can't see them.

Have you thought about 1/4" plexi? You cut out the sizes, hit the edges with fine, fine sandpaper and use platic glue to glue them together into a box.


Edit: Wow - in the time it took me to gather my thoughts, 2 others replied with the same information. Guess I'm slow ;)


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In my experience clear formulas are seldom crystal/water clear, not without pressure casting. I have also found that the clear formulas create more heat when curing, but then this may be due to the cure time, generally fast cure resins get hotter than slow cure.

Intense heat will craze and crack your resin, a cube that big would get very hot. I've had quart glass containors that I filled with resin to simulate various liquids and they've gotten too hot to hold when curing.

Keep going with the ideas DB93 I'm sure we can come up with something that will help you.



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jedirick beat me to it. 7.48 gal/cu ft

20" cube is 4.63 cubic feet.

That is 34.63 gallons

At $100/gallon, that is $3,463.00/ cube