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    We just had an 80s themed party and I decided to do something a little different:


    Hat and shirt I got from Amazon.
    Brown wig from eBay.
    Ring is a bronze replica from eBay.
    Watch is my daily wear Rolex-styled Invicta (only the bezel is the wrong color... and )
    Colt 1911 is by Denix @Blaxmyth made the MIA bracelet in aluminium for me
    Moustache is all natural
    Chest hair is real human hair hot-glued to a piece of cloth pinned to an undershirt... that part was a big hit! ;)

    It was a fun costume to do and interesting to see how many people recognized the character (as Magnum PI isn't as well known here in New Zealand).

    Kind regards,
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  2. Il Princerino

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    Epic 'stache bro :thumbsup
  3. Sundowner

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    Mustache Bash worthy! I've been running a charity event for the past 8 years and our very first event was Magnum PI themed. This would have been a hit!
  4. Apollo

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    All you need are the Lads at your heels! :lol
  5. ivanj05

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    Very creative.
  6. Felgacarb

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    Nicely done!

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