Maggie (Post-release)

Re: Maggie

Interesting, I'm not sure what to make of it. Could be good but I think I'd need to see more to be sure if I'd really want to see it or not.
Re: Maggie

This actually doesn't look half bad.
Is Abigail Breslin, like, a movie star now?
I hear her name and I still see little Olive in my mind.
Everyone's growing up except me...
Re: Maggie

Re: Maggie

Just saw the trailer for this last night. It looks really interesting. A nice twist idea on the zombie genre.
I enjoyed it, there wasn't a lot of action but overall the pacing was good though it may come off as too slow for some.
The director apparently handled the opening sequence of "The Last of Us" and this film had a similar feel in places.
Saw it last night via DirecTV PPV. It was okay. I like that instead of the typical run-and-gun zombie movie, this is actually more of a human drama. Definitely a good one.
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