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I was looking around and was wondering. If I wanted a custom made magazine cover how would I go about doing that? I am new to prop making and and unfamiliar with how or who to talk to on this. Any Help would be appericated.


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Design the cover in image editting programs (photoshop,, etc).
Then you can take it printing places : not sure what the equivalent is, but in Australia there is a chain store called Officeworks - You can get stuff printed to size on any paper type.


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Basically what elro stated but if it is a replica of a real magazine (ie: Forbes, Newsweek, People, etc.) places like Kinkos or Office Depot won't print it because of copyright laws.

In that case you will need to privately color laser print it on 32 lbs. brochure stock.


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Thank you both for your fast and detailed responses. I now have a general idea on where to go and what to do. Again thanks.
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