m1903 springfield help


hey im new to this site but anyways, im working on an m1903 springfield. now i have the stock finished but i need to know what i can use for the metal parts. all i have is basic prop building tools at my disposal and a 15 year old's budget. so please help!:wacko


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1st, welcome to the RPF.

2nd, you're going to have to wait and be a little more patient than 11 minutes.

As for part substitutions, first lets look at our subject matter.


this is what you want to replicate correct? What I would do is go to your local hardware or hobby shop and take a look at the different PVC pipes, or even metal pipes available. Find a pair that fit into each other for your reciever and bolt assembly. The bigger one would be the sleeve, cut into that one to get your shape. The other would be the bolt. For the handle, I'd go to the rope section and get a rope cleat. Couple that up with a tube of plumbers epoxy and you should be good to go!


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I think he wants to make a replica.

like this guy
YouTube - ‪Homemade Springfield M1903 Replica‬‏

to buy
Replica 1903 Springfield Parade Rifles - Replica Rifles - Military Gear | Parade Decorations


Here's the thing though kid. Super basic tools mean you have to work 3 times as hard for the same results. Best place to look for raw metal bits would be at a clearance place or gun parts place.

What will really save you a lot of sweat is a real bolt from the real deal.

Here's one for $5.

SPRINGFIELD 03A3 COMPLETE BOLT : Bolt Action at GunBroker.com


well i was gonna worry bout that part later but thanks! that helps. im sorry i dont have pics ill try to get some in a sec but its the upper band that the bayonette attaches to.
Well for the barrel you could just use a piece of PVC pipe or electrical conduit an prime and paint it. For everything else the trigger, bolt, iron sights etc. just make them out of wood and paint them to look like metal, usually the cheapest way or could make some of them out of sheet metal. You can actually find pre-made resin parts from different online vendors as well. If you want you can also find vendors and that will sell real rifle parts but you would need adult to buy those for you, an you said you on a budget an those parts can be a little expensive. Only other thing I can think of is find toy or airsoft rifle that comes close in design of the m1903 for a cheap price and strip the parts out of it an use those. Really all depends on how functional and authentic you want the rifle to look and feel.


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gunna need a better URL if you want to post pics.


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I build and modify Airsoft replicas. I suggest getting either a L96 or M1 Grand for a few parts. If your looking in the cheap and don't care about it shooting anything (again I do airsoft guns) lookinto 'spring powered' or 'springers' they are way cheaper than other airsoft replicas.


i play airsoft too im almost done with the springfield and im not paying another 200 dollars for another sniper rifle. and springfield airsoft costs more and it cant eject shells this is for building no buying.
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