LOTR Twilight WitchKing crown (metal) complete (images)


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Now we have completed the Nazgul costume and armour repertoire with this crowning component to the Twilight WitchKing outfit. This is the elegantly twisted crown of a mislead monarch, neither living, nor dead. Seventy-seven hand forged laminations, spires, and spikes adorn this die stamped ring.
Having seen the original crown on display, we're quite confident in saying that we are likely the first to make an all metal incarnation of this regal prop. More Nazgul and Witchking images and video on our page at
Kropserkel Nazgul/Witchking page
and our conceptual Nazgul amour page at
conceptual Nazgul armour page
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have my children

:lol....this is a first in form of payment :lol

Love the crown KS.. The intricate design is flawless as usual :eek



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That is soooooooo freakin' COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL.....

I dunno how you do it everytime...but WOW. I'm speechless..