Complete Dredd Lawgiver

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First, I would like to thank Chris over at Props3d! He is such a pleasure to work with and super helpful! His STL files are on point and his electronic are super!!

The gun is printed using FDM (Large parts) and resin (Detailed parts). Props3d's instruction were great and everything went together smooth. Apparently, I don't sound Canadian enough, so I had to reprogram the voice features. Ran into a small issue and Chris helped me fix up up ASAP.

Other than that, this was one of the smoothest props I have ever worked on (and I have been here a longggg time)!

FDM might have improved a bit, but that's still a lot of post processing and sanding. Also, depending on how you lay out the parts on an FDM printer, you can usually hide the ugly parts of the print out of view. I've long since quit trying to print props as one complete print and moved to a kit format so I can make sure the parts come off the printer looking as best as possible for easier post processing.

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