Lost In Space Gemini XII - 3D Printed


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I have always been a huge fan of the 1960's TV series Lost In Space. I know their ship was the Jupiter 2, but in the unaired pilot, their ship was a single level craft called the Gemini XII. It's profile was a bit different from the J2 and the front view ports were larger as well. I modelled the Gemini XII using Cinema 4D and created an animation using it based on the unaired pilot.

This year, I got an Ender 3 3D printer and decided to print the Gemini XII. I've cut up my model and exported it to .STL format, sliced in Cura and printed on the Ender. The parts have pegs in them to help with alignment and strength. Wish I had a printer farm as this is going to take quite a while to print everything out! Not sure if I will do an interior for it or just leave the view port black. The finished ship should be around 21 inches in diameter. Almost half studio scale. Liking how things are going so far.




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Wonderful job. I’d be tempted to have kinetic origami artists do an expanding bellows layout between the upper and lower saucer halves—fold-out rooms


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I have almost all of the 3D printing done. I am doing the ship at 1/4 scale of the studio miniature now as what I was doing before was too big for me to store in my house. Don't think my wife would want the ship sitting on the dining room table! Will be building my own fusion core light display from plans I found on YouTube. The fusion core housing was designed and built so it can be twisted on and off. Lots of filling and sanding to do yet... BTW, the top hull is just sitting on the bottom hull for now.


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