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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DuneMuadDib, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. DuneMuadDib

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    Went to Disneyland today, and the Indiana Jones ride gave me a jones to get an Indy hat (pardon the pun). Don't know about spending the cash for a Herbert Johnson, so was looking at an Akubra Federation Deluxe. Are they a good alternative?
  2. Gatekeeper

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    The Akubras are good fedoras, but not Indy-accurate. The HJ's, while being of correct brand, are simply not worth it anymore.

    However, you might want to check this place out.
  3. Got Maul

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  4. Jedidentist

    Jedidentist Well-Known Member

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    Yeah...I'm just looking for an excuse to get an Optimo. Definately not cheap though. If you're looking for a close enough hat that won't break your wallet, then the Akubra is the way to go. Go spook around Indygear.com and you'll get a better feel for things.

  5. ob1al

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    Fed's are great hats, but my advice is check out the Adventurebilt. I've owned a fed, 2 optimos and an HJ but having seen (and tried on) a friends AB, I reckon it's the best Indy hat out there.


  6. Gigatron

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    I've been wearing my fed deluxe for 3 yrs now and it still looks as good as they day I got it. They only get better with age as you naturally distress them. They conform to your head and you even forget you're wearing it.

    It may not be 100% indy correct (more like 98%), but for the price, it can't be beat.

  7. Dr. J

    Dr. J Active Member

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    Absolutely. The Federation was designed to be an Indy hat. For the money, it's a GREAT option. If you have a couple of bucks to spend though, the AB is the way to go.
  8. Apollo

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    Gotta join the Choir on the Adventurebilts.

    I will be getting mine some time this spring.
  9. kalkamel

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    What's the difference between the Federation and the Federation Deluxe?
  10. ob1al

    ob1al Sr Member

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    The fed deluxe uses a better felt.
  11. Probe Droid

    Probe Droid Master Member

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    My old Stetson fedora has the jakers beat out of it (I think I've had it 22 years), and I'm thinking of popping for a new one. Can you guys post pix of you various brand hats (if you have them handy, don't kill yourselves)? Thanks.
  12. Feraud

    Feraud Sr Member

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    The Akubra Federation Deluxe is a fine hat at a great price.
    They only get better with age. :)
  13. howlingwind13

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    I have a Beaver Brand and I love it...I also bought one of the cheapo $50 Disney world ones and it may not be even close but I wear it ( for stunts :p )
  14. DarthBish

    DarthBish Well-Known Member

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    Go The Akubra.......it's AUSSIE, so it's simply better than anything else :)

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