Looking for GOTH (type) boots


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anyone have any good webapges i can check out? the ones that i've found via google so far all seem to be over in the UK ...

looking for boots similar to this --


thanks in advance



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I could find anything exactly like your picture, but several punk stores have similar items. Here are a couple of links to start: spookyboutique.com, hottopic.com (if you have a store near you, you might check in to see what they have on clearance), drstrange.com (shoes = “creepers”). I hope this helps.


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ooh, purple with flames.. nice.

I have a pair of Harley boots "similar" to that of what you posted.

doesn't have all the metal rivoted onto the soles, but pretty similar.

they were only $89 at Fleet Farm... if you were just looking for similar at a lower cost. (retails more like $140 or so, but still cheaper than 3 bills)



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Originally posted by Kris@Jan 11 2006, 11:24 PM
You do know most Goths wear just army boots .. right ? ;)

yea... i guess the "goth" i used was for a lack of a better term... i really like some of the new rock boots but when i ordered them my size was outta stock so i cancelled my order and will try again at a later date....

how come the VIXENS & ANGELS webpage lists 1/2 sizes but most other UK webpages i go to do not?

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