looking for comments on r2d2 leg design

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    I've just posted a preliminary version of what I'm calling a box beam
    leg design. It combines the leg and ankle into one unified assembly.
    The core of the design is a pair of boxes formed from styrene, with an
    additional layer of styrene on each outside face. I'm hoping for a very
    rigid leg structure but one that's still light weight and easy to assemble.
    I'm trying to incorporate features in the design phase that
    take advantage of the CNC cutting process to make the finished model
    better. Things like tab & slot construction and eggcrate assembly.

    At this point all I've posted is a 3d .pdf file on my website.
    If you have a chance, take a look as I'd like comments that might
    improve the design.

    Frank Pirz
    Media Conversions
    CNC Machining
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