looking for Clone Trooper Phase 2 pep file

Inquisitor Peregrinus

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Slight clarification. Take your time to scroll through the first post. There's... quite a bit. The Clone Trooper armor and blasters are toward the bottom, being some of his older ones. Last I knew he was working up upgrading the files. I just looked, and the links to the unfolds for the arms seem to be missing. Also, all the links posted are to 4shared, which is free to join and required to download files shared there. I've had a basic membership on there for years and it's never been an issue for me -- don't know if that sort of thing is a concern for you.

So, at the very least, and depending on how much cleanup/finishing work you're okay doing, those should get you started. But get hold of Fierfek and ask after the pieces missing from that post (knees, shoulders, biceps, elbows, forearms, handplates).