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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Delta 38, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Hey guys I am going to try and make a star wars weapon out of pepakura. And the weapons I was thinking about were DC-15 Blaster Rifle or the DC-17 commando weapon. Can someone tell me which one is the easiest to make and put a link to download the pep file? Would appreciate it. :)
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    As I know DC-15 Blaster Rifle is based on parts from German machine gun MG 34 from WWII, so you should try to find replica of this weapon on web. I prefer making weapons from original parts or from PVC or even in 3D software and then print for best results :)
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    My advice to you is don't use pep files to build weapons.

    Most weapons are based on a round tube and attached accessories......pepakura sucks at that.

    Pepakura is best suited to armor and such things that are large in size.

    Weapons are usually medium sized with small and often very small parts.....again, pepakura is not best suited for that.

    Pepukakura is very awesome because it's cheap and easy to build a BASE for something that you have to add bondo, rondo too and then sand the fcku out of it.

    It just does not suit small stuff....

    I could be wrong....but I doubt it.
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    RogueTrooper is dead right. I've made a lot of pep helmets and armour, enough to convince me that pep weapons will be more work than they are worth.

    Visit a plumbing supply shop, check out the PVC pipe connectors (both straight connectors and step-down connectors) and you'll be able to build weapons that are very strong, very light, take paint well and don't distort. Step-down connectors let you have a large diameter pipe for the main body and a smaller diameter piece for the barrel.

    Make the handle out of plywood layers and bolt the handle to the main barrel with furniture bolts and sockets. Scopes can be turned from wood or cobbled together from pvc fittings.

    My big blaster isn't a DC-15, but the principle is the same. It's pretty robust and can survive being dropped occasionally, which a pepped version might not.

    Anyway, have fun whichever way you decide to go. :)

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