Looking for a Howie lab coat


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Was wondering if anyone knew were to find a howie stlye lab coat my searches have turned out nothing was wondering if anyone had any leads



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The Howie lab coats are tough to come by. There are a few on Ebay that sell for around $80.00.
There are also a couple of patterns out there to make your own.
This site is selling a pattern Dr. Horrible Lab Coat Pattern | Doctor Horrible Lab Coat Pattern | Doctor Horrible Costume

There is also a Simplicity pattern someone has recommended (pattern 5386) that is really for a Matrix-style coat- it is pictured in black though and is hard to see if it looks close enough or may be adaptable.

Simplicity Patterns - Simplicity 5386 - Simplicity Sewing Patterns for Costumes - Simplicity Pattern Reviews
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