Looking for a dome.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TheSt.LouisKid, Sep 8, 2015.

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    A plastic dome or something domelike(half sphere) in the neighborhood of a 42 inch diameter. Even a slightly conical dome.
    I was even going to look into one of those dome doghouses to see if they may do.

    Any suggestions on a already made item in or around that size?

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    Hi there! I've used these guys with much success: EZ Tops Worldwide
    They can do domes and half-spheres up to 69" diameter. Not sure what your budget is, but they have clear, white and tinted bronze (like the bubble window on an old camper) in different thicknesses from 3/16" to 1/2" depending on your durability needs. Starts around $195 for the thin one, and I think 1/2" is more like $850 or so. Just be aware, lead time is a tad long unless you email them once everyfew days to check status on the order. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you!
  4. TheSt.LouisKid

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    Over a 1 month wait at $708. Expedited is $856 both are not cost effective for what it is and the wait is too long.

    Anyone have any other ideas?
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    To pull a dome that large is going to take some specialized gear + custom template. I don't know if the guying blowing domes do them that big or are able to keep them symmetrical at that size.

    DIY large dome on the cheap.

    You will need:

    1. Weber BBQ (kettle style) and heat beads.

    2. Large square of thick plastic sheet of at least 6mm - 10mm that is about 20% larger than the dome dia.

    3. 12" (12.7mm) Ply-Wood template with hole pre-cut out at the same size as your desired dome.

    3. Nuts and bolts to attach the plastic to one side of the Ply-Wood.

    4. A jig that will allow you to suspend the wood/plastic over the BBQ and also allow you to move it away quickly.


    1. Light the BBQ and let the beads get really hot (no smoke). Adding 6 heat bricks could get you in excess of 400 degrees C. You only need between 120 and 180 on the surface, but more due to both the area and the thickness.

    3. Position the wood/plastic over the BBQ about 3 feet up.

    4. As the plastic heats to the ideal temp, it will slump into a perfect dome. Just be careful not to over do it and you may have to raise the plastic as it slumps so it does not touch the BBQ.

    And that is about as cheap a way to get the size you want.
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