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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TKBIG, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. TKBIG

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    I'm looking for information on what the original dial was on the chestbox for the X-Wing and TIE pilots.
    Also the gear greeblie on the side of the TIE box.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Treadwell

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    Dial? Not sure which part you're referring to.

    The only part common to both the X-Wing and TIE chestboxes is the male half of a snap (as used for clothing).

    Many folks use RC car gears for the side thingies...although I think finding one with the correct number of teeth is tough. RC gears I've seen (and used) have more teeth than the screenused gears. (I forget the correct number of teeth, though.)
  3. TKBIG

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    Sorry, should have posted pics. Thank you for responding.

    Here is an image (the clearest I could get of the part was on ebay...if this is someones photo here I apologize and will remove...just PM me).

    Like you said Treadwell, some use an RC gear (62 tooth 32 pitch) but looking at that gear it doesn't match up.
    Is this part ever been identified and the info willing to be shared?

    The large silver dial next to the male end of a snap button. The dial appears to be from some type of CB or radio.

    The shared parts between the X-Wing and the TIE appear to be the silver dial, male end of the snap button, the 3 large rocker buttons, and the same size large, sectional square "buttons".

  4. TK-326

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    Anyone have a source for the rocker switches and square buttons?
  5. Gigatron

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    The gear looks like part of the visible V8 kit. Look at the crank and camshaft gears as well as the oil pump drive shaft gear

    That kit had a lot keyed gears in it so it was easier to assemble.

    Are there other pics of the "dial"? Perhaps a profile or angle shot? It's hard to get a feel for the shape from straight-on

  6. lonepigeon

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    I think he's talking about the cone knob which looks like it has a washer or soemthing underneath.

    Pic from Parts of Star Wars:

    There are cone knobs used all over ANH but their source has never been identified.
  7. Probe Droid

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    MoM pic

    The switches look like painted wood.

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