longshot question...flcl sticker


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a while ago i had found a website that sold the pillows sticker from haruko's vespa on flcl (the P. sticker...click here for a picture)...now i can't find it anymore...does anyone have any idea where i can get one?...anyone at all?...skott


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All right, this is odd... I was just talking to some co-workers who are fans (anime, sf, the usual) about cube decorations, helmets, logos, props... and told them that Illustrator and a shop that can print and cut vinyl decals for you is your friend... and FLCL kept coming up for them... I haven't got any direct leads, but thought I'd chime in and say that if anyone does have ideas or know, there's definintely more than one person interested. I'll look as well and promise to report back with anything I find... thanks for adding this thread.