Has anyone attempted any work on the "Destruction of Asgard" file? I A.I. upscaled a screenshot and attempted to adjust the lighting.

I can make out most of the words, but once it starts getting into those codes, it's hard to tell "P"s from "B"s, "5"s from "S"s, and so forth.


  • TVA report adjusted.png
    TVA report adjusted.png
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Next episode, next replica. Very close to finishing this document. I am having a lot of trouble with the words in the corners and some final pieces of the text. If anyone has a clue or suggestions of what it should be, let me know.

Edit: new version of prop in later post
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TB-7021, I hope this screen will help. Your job on it is great!


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    Loki File.png
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Thanks! Great find! What do you think it says? Looks like CAP/DAT amd then some numbers with a barcode above it.
I read CAP/DAT (or CAP/DAY ?????) and something like 95????. If you look closely, bottom horizontal lines are twin thin lines and not a bold one.... So I guess top ones are the same...
All of them! (no other answer from paper props maniacs......) ;). I am not such a "BIG" fan of the series but my daughters are so ....

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