Loadout: Dud Launcher build

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Hey there everyone I hope your all having a great new year so far anyways today I bring you my 2015 first build. This is a weapon from the game Loadout that is basically a rocket launcher that has six rockets mounted in the front and a drum magazine that holds even more rockets It is a completely ridicules weapon and I absolutely love it haha. From doing research I found that this thing is 42.2 inches long so it is going to be a huge undertaking but I am ready to take it on.
1014988_907310449287552_6763160193155674575_o.jpg 10896154_907309732620957_4717681753424629134_o.jpg
I have spent a few hours already working on some blueprints at scale to work off of.
dud launcher BP.jpg 15549608424_0949028bea_o.jpg
This is what ive got so far more to come :D

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To start the day off I decided I wanted to make the rocket drum/magazine thing and that meant I would have to make two 13 1/2 inch perfectly round circles sounds easy.... I started by looking for my jig saw but had no luck in finding it so I thought why not do it with my router but how would I do this. I figured if I mounted it to a custom made jig and screwed it to the center of the MDF I would be able to accomplish what I needed it to, so this is exactly what I did. I did some math to get the exact half size of each round part then drilled tiny holes at thous measurements. After all that was done I started to use this new thing I had just made and it made some beautiful cuts :) After they where cut out I then removed the extra MDF I didn't need and here is the end result.
16171207892_f94dd267c0_o.jpg 15984527898_2dedd233e6_k.jpg 15984525808_bee3865799_o.jpg
I then needed to cut an angle all the way around each one and since none of my tools cut at such a severe angle I decided to cut a small notch out at the angle I would need and then slowly worked at it with a belt sander. I do have to say there not perfect like I would like them to be, but I'll fix that issue later.
15589521074_c8f28cecd7_o.jpg 15592082903_77b57d0ba4_o.jpg
To get the little detail parts I grabbed some thin wood I had laying around from another project and then sandwiched them all together with double sided tape and cut them all out at once with my scroll saw. I then pulled them apart two at a time,and put them into the spots they would live forever when I glued them down.
15589531374_7797367cb6_o.jpg 16026113977_99604c8604_o.jpg 16211916645_e03955e347_o.jpg
This is where they shall live tonight while the gorilla glue sets up :D more updates coming soon.
Yesterday I got a lot done with this thing first I started by cutting out the grip and then sandwiching it with three layers of MDF after letting it dry I then used my belt sander to give it some shape and so it would feel nice when you held it. I also cut the base of the grip from the rest of it so I would be able to shape it separately.
15589534064_56a7e7954f_o.jpg 15613629374_563ffda6dc_o.jpg 16082723077_56c429b3b1_o.jpg

At this point I decided I didn't want a static trigger so I pulled the grip apart. I was only able to do this since gorilla glue doesn't stick to well to a smooth surface lol. I then cut out some of the area in the middle one to give room for a trigger. After cutting out the area for the trigger I then carved up the surface on each piece so the glue would have something to adhere to this time. To get the detail on the grip I ran the piece through my table saw then filled in the ends with epoxy putty and gave them some nice round edges.
16081237620_a052d0de87_o.jpg 16268608305_203416d8b9_o.jpg 16081233220_b39a5d23d8_o.jpg 16088849627_91e1e9b919_o.jpg 16272938041_27d57eeaa6_o.jpg
I then started work on the stock of the launcher by first cutting out the support brace and then shaping it on my scroll saw then I finished it off with the sander.
16048534698_06e5d2731e_o.jpg 16210148216_b2c2a38155_o.jpg 16048537208_f48f4c69ca_o.jpg 16050200577_e3f814e62b_o.jpg
I then cut out and sanded the top brace thing then lined up where a grove in the top would go. I then put it under my little dremel press that I have and I have to say it worked but there was a lot of smoke lol. After that was done I then cut myself a very nice square hole where the rail would soon go. Once that was all done I lined the two up before gluing them in place I also drilled holes in both of them for the small rials that will hold them to the butt of the stock.
16048531108_4a88b9ee2c_o.jpg 15613637694_0a45949d23_o.jpg 16049950499_f9c7600437_o.jpg 15613640064_c58951bdac_o.jpg
After all that fun I made some small rails out of PVC and then glued both half's to each other where they will forever live now I then used epoxy putty to hold the stock rail in place. Next came attaching the little stock detail to the back so I cut out a small piece of some thin wood and glued it in place. While that part was getting acquainted with the rest of the stock I made a bunch of little doodads that would also become one with the stock. After everything was glued together and sanded I painted it with its first coat of paint. :D
16050222817_1a186b94df_o.jpg 16241034392_d3af4de4d5_o.jpg 16081239150_c96c3f48a8_o.jpg 16082490769_14b184424a_o.jpg 16268601895_dbe87d28ab_o.jpg 16082740587_a9d429e534_o.jpg
Anyways that Is where Im at so far I currently have a wood lathe on order and should be getting it in soon :D






















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