LIS Exact Replica?

Well it's definitely not exact, no matter what the listing says. I looked that person's stuff over awhile ago and decided that it wasn't quite close enough to make me happy. Still looking...
It's off in many places, and the shape of the back stock and grip could use some work. I used to make a few replicas of LIS rifles back in the day and actually have a mold taken from the back stock and grip of this version. The original was machined aluminum tubes with the back stock and grip made of wood. The upper section with the 3 lights on it was made out of sheet brass that was soldered together.

I used to make a few replicas of LIS rifles back in the day
Hmm... When you say back in the day.... how far back are we talking...?And what are your current plans for building any LIS props :lol

I guess I will pass on this one.....But I will continue looking.

I've done commission work on LIS props for many years. I've done just about every main pistol and rifle used on the show.
One of these years I need to finish my season 2/3 pistol. No replica to date has gotten that one right. I have tracings and measurements form Greg's hero metal version that I have been using while building the master.
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