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    I suck at electronics. Not sure I even have a solderng iron. Death Star doesn't count - that's just a big, round table lamp...

    For a gun, I need to light up 3-5 LEDs (always on), have a master on switch, and 1-3 super bright white LEDs flash on a trigger pull. Or in other words, master switch turns on the 3-5 colored LEDs, trigger pull flashes the white LEDs.

    Love not to have to wire anything. Love a kit out of a box, or even gutted out of a toy...

    Even just the always-on LEDs would keep me fairly happy.

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    Easy circuit/s to do,
    below I have listed some helpers for you.
    You need to know the source voltage and the different voltages for the colored leds you are going to use , this can be found by going to the series calculator link and kliking on the led color dropdown tab.
    this is a series / parallel circuit calculator :
    this is a series circuit calculator :
    this is a page to help you with any resistor/s you might need?

    hope this helps you out a bit ;)

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